What Kind Of Church Are We?

Many people often ask me, “What kind of church are you?” For many years I would give the standard answer, “We are Independent, Fundamental Baptist.” Or something similar to that.

Recently, I began thinking, “What kind of church ARE we?” I don’t mean what we believe. That is explained in our Doctrinal Statement. I don’t mean are we metal siding, wood siding, or brick veneer. What KIND of church are we? How do we conduct our worship services? How do we function as a church? For the next few issues, I will try to deal with just what KIND of a church we are.

First of all, we are not a large church. We are small enough that everybody knows everybody and we can function as a single body. We are conservative in our worship. We still use traditional hymn books. We still use a piano. We sing many of the old fashion hymns. We don’t put on a multimedia show to try to impress anybody. We don’t have rock bands performing on stage to draw the younger generation. We believe God’s Word is still the greatest drawing power in the world.

Our pastor is not a “stand-up comedian”. He preaches plain and simple from the Bible (KJV). He uses words that most people are familiar with and can easily understand. He is not trying to impress anybody with his large vocabulary. Some times he will preach an expository sermon. Some times he will preach a subject. Some times he will preach a series on a particular theme.

Our people are not fancy. Most of them are hard-working folks who just want to be fed from God’s Word. Some are older and some are younger. Many are in the middle. None are rich by this world’s standards. They don’t try to win any contest for the best dressed and most could not care less about keeping up with the Jones.

Our folks are friendly. You will have a very hard time getting in and out of our services without having you hand shook several times. We don’t care if you are black, white, red, yellow, or a mixture. We don’t care if a person is rich or poor. We believe that every person is important regardless of gender, nationality, race, or economic conditions.

We are very conservative in our beliefs and practices. Our doctrine is still as conservative as the Bible. We have not tried to change to keep up with the times. We don’t let Hollywood dictate what is acceptable or true.

The Bible is our only source of Truth. We are old fashion enough that we believe God has not changed His position on sin. What the Bible calls sin, is still sin – even though modern society has labeled it as “sickness”. The Bible is the only real cure for such “sicknesses” of our modern day.

We do not want or try to be all things to all people. Our primary goal is to be found pleasing to God. Jesus even warned His disciples that they were in trouble if the world loved them and held them in too high esteem.

What kind of church are we? We strive, to the best of our ability, to be a church that brings honor and glory to God in the manner and methods He has prescribed in His Bible. While we certainly desire to see people join, we are more concerned that we be found pleasing to the One who loved us and gave Himself for us.

We invite everyone to visit us. But if you are looking for earthly, fleshly entertainment and slick infomercials, please be forewarned that all we try to offer is the Bible.