What we believe…

The Godhead
  • The Trinity of God consists of three separate Persons who make up but one Person: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each person is totally God and each person is totally equal with each other person.
  • God is absolutely and totally sovereign in all of his dealings including the salvation of lost sinners which includes God’s election.
  • The Holy Spirit is a person and not merely a “force”. As such, he moves and works in the heart of people.
  • Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. As such, he was born without sin.
  • Even though Jesus Christ was a man, he was totally God at the same time.
  • Jesus Christ died, was buried and literally, physically arose from the dead.
  • Jesus Christ will personally return to earth at any time to take all saved people (both dead and alive) from this world. He will then change their vile bodies into perfect bodies like unto himself.


  • The earth and the universe were created in six, literal, 24 hour days about 6,000 years ago.
  • There was no death, disease, or suffering before Adam and Eve sinned.
  • The earth, and man, were created perfect but fell into sin and brought about sin, suffering, and death.
  • There is no disharmony between the Biblical account of Creation and true science as we can see it and study it today.


  • Man is totally dead in trespasses and sins and as such is incapable of coming to Christ on his own.
  • In the mind and purpose of God, man is created so as to be responsible and accountable for his actions – including his failure to come to Christ for salvation.
  • While the human mind may not be able to comprehend this truth nor to harmonize it with God’s total sovereignty, it does not do away with the truth but only shows the inability of man to understand the ways and means of God.  It took infinite wisdom and knowledge to harmonize God’s total sovereignty and man’s responsibility so man will never be able to harmonize them both.  Our responsibility is not to harmonize but to simply believe.


  • Salvation is the free gift of God to all who will repent of their sins and trust Jesus Christ.
  • The blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the atonement of our sins. It is his blood, and only his blood that is capable of cleanings man from sin.
  • Salvation is only by grace through faith without any works of any kind on the part of man. While baptism is commanded after a person is saved, not even baptism has any part in their actual salvation.
  • Justification is by faith alone.
  • Once a person is truly saved, they can never lose their salvation. In other words, they are eternally saved.
  • Those who are truly saved have a responsibility to show it by their life. A person who professes salvation is to be separate from the world and is to so live that others may see their good works and thus glorify God which is in heaven.


  • Satan is a real person who fell from heaven because of his sin. His goal today is to do everything in his power to hinder the Word of God.
  • Satan is called the prince and the power of the air. He has tremendous power today to influence people’s lives but he can be defeated through the power and strength of God – especially through the use of God’s Word.


The Bible
  • The Bible was verbally inspired by God, word for word, and has been preserved by God in the King James Version for the English-speaking world today.


Heaven and Hell
  • Heaven and Hell are both very real places.
  • Heaven is the eternal abode of all who are saved.
  • Hell is the eternal punishment of all who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


The Church
  • The only true church is both local and visible. We reject any form of a universal or invisible church.
  • Each local church is to be independent and autonomous. This independence is not independent of God or the Bible but of any other organization’s control or oversight. Each church makes it own decisions (based on the Bible and God’s leadership). The decisions of that local body are final.
  • Every person desiring membership in a local church is to be saved and scripturally baptized as a prerequisite of church membership.  (We consider Scriptural baptism to be that from a sister church of like faith and practice.)
  • The work of the church is to preach the Gospel to all the world. God’s sovereign election does not in any way change or hinder this responsibility. The only way men can be saved in by the preaching of the Gospel. Failure to carry out this commission will cause us to stand before God and give an account of our sin and failure to obey his Word.
  • One purpose of the church is to teach, encourage, and edify each other member of the church.


Church Ordinances
  • Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the only two local church ordinances. These are not to save us but to picture the Lord’s death, his burial, and his resurrection.
  • Baptism is a complete immersion (or burial) in water under the authority of one of the Lord’s kind of churches.


  • Marriage is to be only between a man and a woman and that marriage is to be until death.
  • Any sexual relationship outside of marriage is sin.
  • We believe that homosexuality is sin but that homosexuals can be saved the same as anybody else.